2012 05 Swamy SPS Fertilizer Finishing Process for AN and NPKs with Rotoform HS2000

Innovation has always been the key to success in the fertilizer industry. Better performance figures plus a proven track record support these innovations. The key question is how to introduce a new technology in situations where it is not yet considered?
Recent successes in the use of the Rotoform system for sulphur and urea solidification have opened up new opportunities in other fertilizer plants. Furthermore, growing demand for higher capacity solutions has resulted in the development of the unique Rotoform HS 2000, a system that makes use of a 2000 mm wide steel belt to deliver a 33% increase in capacity compared with standard Rotoform systems.
Alongside growth in the use of Rotoform systems for sulphur and urea, Sandvik has also been working on the development of Rotoform solutions for new fertilizer products. One such project has seen the installation of a mobile Rotoform unit at the site of Romanian fertilizer producer Azomures, and pilot tests have resulted in the successful development of a number new products and applications, including Ammonium Nitrate (AN) and AN-based NPK fertilizers, both pure and in mixtures.
As a result, Azomures decided to invest in two Rotoform HS 2000 lines for its AN and NPK modernization project; these two units were delivered in July 2011 and commissioning is scheduled for completion by the end of 2011.
This paper is presented at the Nitrogen & Syngas Conference 2012 in Athens.


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