23 July 2022: Explosion / Fire in Ammonia Plant

The explosion occurred in an ammonia plant on Saturday (23/7/22). The billowing red smoke and the sound of the explosion went viral in cyberspace.
The plant was shut down due to a malfunction of one of the instruments. When doing the restart process , there is a fire or over firing. “There was an over firing , there were no victims (injured/life) in this incident,” said a representative. Internal investigations in the technical team regarding the over firing are done. If any damage is found, it will be repaired immediately. After repair, the factory will be active again.
He added that employees, especially those who work in factories, have full authority and are obliged to stop working if they find the potential to be unsafe.
The company claims that with preventive and mitigative policies, this incident can be handled properly. One guarantees that no toxic gas will arise from the fire. “So there is no need to worry about toxic gas being released into the air like the rumors circulating,” one concluded.

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