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EUROTECNICA Introduces G5 Euromel® Total Green Feature

Barcelona, Spain, March 2023 – Eurotecnica introduces G5 Euromel® total green feature.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the total green melamine concept, a new feature of the fifth generation (G5) of our Euromel® Melamine Technology, now used in 29 plants worldwide, accounting for more than 1,284,000 metric tons of melamine produced per year.

Last year, we started promoting the G5 Euromel® melamine technology, which delivers the best-in-class energy efficiency with its legacy Total-Zero Pollution feature. Initial market feedback indicates that the G5 Euromel® was exactly what the market was seeking, as in just a year, Eurotecnica won four large contracts. Eurotecnica has licensed 420,000 tonnes/year Euromel® melamine in 2022, a capacity equivalent to the current melamine volume in Europe.

At the Nitrogen & Syngas conference 2023 in Barcelona recently, we launched the total green melamine concept, representing the ultimate step forward to achieving zero CO2 production in a melamine plant. The combination of G5 Euromel® and the successful experience gained by Eurotecnica in the implementation of thermal energy storage systems (Andasol TES, Spain, in successful operation since 2011) provides melamine producers with the possibility to run a melamine plant on renewable energies only, thus avoiding any fossil fuel for the supply of the necessary power to operate it.

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