Five CEAMAG MUG dryers in five years



CEAMAG commissioned one new MUG drying system (CEAMAG process) at the ammonia plant 1-B at DneprAzot, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine.

Pre-commissioning and guarantee tests were successfully completed within four days in October 2010. As the results of the implementation the ammonia compressor 105-J and syngas compressor 103-J, vacuum condensers, BFW pumps were unloaded. The guarantee test demonstrated the energy savings of 0,107 Gcal/t NH3 or 12 Nm3NG/t NH3.
This modernization proposed by CEAMAG for ammonia plants is not something new as it is already successfully applied several years ago. Now it should be considered as one of the most popular revamps, with a short pay-back time, which the companies normally plan to implement after the revamp of the ammonia converter and hydrogen recovery unit installation. During the latest five years the fertilizer companies five times invested in the installation of CEAMAG MUG drying units.
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