Corrosion Inspection Services of High Pressure Piping in Urea Plants

High-pressure piping is often an area that receives almost no attention during the lifetime of a urea plant; there is no logical reason for this. Paying not enough attention or wrong inspection/repair procedures can lead to catastrophic incidents. During the AICHE Ammonia Safety Conference in 2010 did present “High Pressure Piping Safety Incidents in Urea Plants” illustrating the risks involved and showing the importance to pay sufficient attention to this part of the urea plant. Furthermore the Urea Incident Database shows that 40% of the incidents are related to high-pressure piping. It is recommended to have a corrosion inspection of 316L Urea Grade high pressure piping in urea plants after some 10 years on stream time. has the expertise and experience in corrosion inspections of high pressure piping in several urea plants. Click here for more information.

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