OCI Global and Röhm announce pioneering production of Methylmethacrylate (MMA) using bio-ammonia

  • OCI Global is supplying Röhm with ISCC PLUS certified bio-ammonia in an industry first for Methylmethacrylate production
  • OCI Global’s bio-ammonia can achieve a GHG reduction of >70% compared to conventional grey ammonia
  • The partnership demonstrates OCI Global and Röhm’s environmental leadership in the ammonia production and downstream manufacturing industries and allows MMA and PLEXIGLAS® production from renewable biobased feedstocks

OCI Global is the only producer of ISCC PLUS certified bio-ammonia in Europe and the US today. OCI’s bio-ammonia uses biomethane from waste and residues of biological origin as well as biodegradable fraction of industrial and municipal waste as feedstock. The result is a GHG reduction of >70% compared to conventional grey ammonia production, which uses a fossil-based feedstock (benchmark considers an ammonia carbon footprint of 2.66 kgCO2e/kg).

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