CHRISTOF GROUP SBN: Successful Relining Job of the Urea reactor at Yara Le Havre

The repair of the lining, the layer in contact with the product in the bottom of the urea reactor, is one of the critical paths of the shutdown, i.e. the duration of this work determines the duration of Yara Le Havre shutdown LHATA2024.

Its 40-metre-deep and 1.75-metre-diameter complicate the work due to access conditions. Access to the bottom of the reactor is only from the top of the reactor where each worker is winched to access the work area.

The access and configuration of the reactor make it a complex project with respect to safety. In addition to compliance with Yara’s golden rule “Working in confined spaces”, a contingency plan has been updated and equipment is in place as a preventive measure to allow an emergency response to the GRIMP (Groupe d’Intervention en Milieu Périlleux) in the event of an accident within the reactor.

Coupled with the reactor head refurbishment work that took place during the previous shutdown, this work will extend the life of this equipment installed since the creation of the plant.

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