Chemoprojekt again starts up a Urea Fluid Bed Ganulation successfully


Chemoprojekt has very smoothly started up the second new urea fluid bed granulation plant of PJSC Novomoskovsk Joint Stock Company AZOT in the Tula Region in Russia. This 1400 mtpd plant is also based on the proprietary Stamicarbon fluid bed urea granulation technology and Chemoprojekt has been involved in the Engineering, Procurement and supervision of Construction. The commissioning was jointly performed by Novomoskovsk, Stamicarbon and Chemoprojekt. Chemoprojekt is involved in one more urea granulation plants, also with a capacity of 1400 mtpd, which is expected to start up this year.
Stamicarbon’s granulation plants have proven to excel in low dust formation, low formaldehyde consumption and unbeaten uninterrupted run time / cleaning interval.
Furthermore Chemoprojekt is implementing a grass root Stamicarbon Urea2000PlusTM PoolReactor Urea Plant for ZAO FOSAGRO AG in Cherepovetsk, Russia with a name plate capacity of 1500 mtpd.

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