CHEMAC UAN Seminar in League City Texas is scheduled for October 19-23

It will be held in League City (Clear Lake) Texas at the South Shore Harbor Resort. In the coming weeks, look out for emails and news updates announcing the UAN Seminar for reciprocating equipment. There are only 40 spots available and they will go quickly.  

Speakers from Uraca, BHDT, Kempchen, Chemac Inc  and others will make this a “can’t miss” event. The Seminar is for UAN plants (new, existing and planned) using high pressure reciprocating pumps, valves, piping… Seminar topics include general maintenance, material selection, troubleshooting, modern designs, upgrades, and many more important topics for safe, reliable equipment operation of UAN plants. The date has been set and the programs are being prepared. So block out the above week and look for the registration information in the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing you there…Click here for more information.

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