Ceremony for the completion of the Yuanping Nanhedi Hofung School in Shanxi


The construction of the Nanhedi primary school, sponsored by HFT, was completed on 8th November, 2010. Many leaders attended the ceremony: Mr. Zhang (Deputy Mayer of Yuanping city), Mr. Schulte Nordholt (Managing director of HFT), Mr. Wang (General Manager of HFT), Mr. Zheng (Director of CFPA) and several leaders from the Education Bureau.

Building of the dormitory started in June 2010 and was finished in five months. Mr. Schulte Nordholt and Mr. Wang visited the new dormitory together with the school headmaster. The dormitory was spacious and bright and the living conditions had improved a lot.

During the ceremony speeches were given by the headma ster and students expressing their heartfelt thanks to HFT and CFPA. At the same time, Deputy Mayor Zhang, Mr. Schulte Nordholt and Director Zheng also gave speeches expressing their supports and care for the school.

Mr. Schulte Nordholt said: We believe that every child has a right to develop his talents, and to make that possible every child needs to have good education. The Chinese government pays a lot of attention to education, but China is a very big country and the government cannot on its own solve all the education problems. We believe that private people and companies should also take responsibility and support the children of China. Our company has special ties with Shanxi, we have done many projects with companies from Shanxi. So we choose the place here, and Nanhedi primary school is a very good project to support.

It is HFTs purpose to build up a strong and longstanding relationship with the school and build up long term and special ties with the children. More information at https://www.hofung-technology.com/

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