CEAMAG performs for OAO «CHEREPOVETSKY «AZOT» Technical Audit of ammonia plants



The purpose of Technical Audit is the updating of Material and Heat Balances (after all revamps), consideration of possible changes and revamp of the equipment to provide safe and reliable operation of the plants at a higher capacity during 700 days.

In the scope of Technical Audit CEAMAG will perform the following works:
– Plant inspection, measurements and initial data acquisition;
– Material and heat balance calculations (winter and summer);
– Equipment operation analysis, taking into consideration its modernization and / or replacement, which differs from the original design;
– Conclusion output of equipment and sections operation efficiency and changes / modernization of equipment;
– Identification of bottlenecks and elaboration of potential solution for debottlenecking.

The studies and analysis will be performed step by step, within 3-4 months, in close collaboration with the specialists of OAO  «CHEREPOVETSKY «AZOT». Several technical meetings are foreseen for presentation and discussion of options, so that the more appropriate ones – more suitable for goals of OAO «CHEREPOVETSKY «AZOT» from the points of reliability and safety increase will be finally chosen.
On behalf of ZAO «PhosAgro AG» OAO «CHEREPOVETSKY «AZOT» ordered to CEAMAG to perform this very important works taking into account beneficial terms, cost of the works, availability of experience and success of the previous  mutual  project – implementation of successful previous collaboration concerning the CEAMAG’s MUG Drying System for the ammonia plant TEC in 2007. As the result of this Technical Audit OAO «CHEREPOVETSKY «AZOT» will get a detailed “large-scale map” for the purpose of the future change and modernization of the equipment.
Similar study focusing in conditions for stable, reliable and long term operation of plants was successfully performed for the Ammonia plant of GRANDE PAROISSE at Granpuits site in France

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