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SOIL CARBON SEQUESTRATION: An Approach to Mitigate Climate Change

Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas. The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased in recent years, causing a stronger greenhouse effect and global warming. Carbon is stored in the atmosphere, vegetation, animals and in soil. Of all carbon reservoirs, soil is the largest pool, holding more carbon than the other three reservoirs combined. There is an opportunity to mitigate climate change through improved agricultural practices in order to store more carbon in the soil. The carbon content of …

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How Stamicarbon successfully reduces the risk for loss of containment in urea plants

Operating a urea plant poses challenges in managing the corrosive environment, especially in the high-pressure synthesis section. Several mitigation strategies have been developed successfully to minimize severe corrosion and, subsequently, loss of containment scenarios. Nevertheless, loss of containment still occurs occasionally, for instance, due to a tube rupture in a high-pressure urea heat exchanger. The severity of such a mishap will result in the release of a large cloud of toxic ammonia. Stamicarbon introduced Safurex® stainless steels as the material …

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Did you know that on average only around 60% of nutrients applied to the soil in Europe is being taken up by plants?

Minimising losses is key to improve resource use efficiency and the economy of  food production while reducing costs and the pressure on the environment. The Nitrogen Use Efficiency indicator is a sound scientific way to asses the effectiveness of the nutrient applied and inform farm decision making. Click here to read all details

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Urease Activity and Inhibition – Principles and Practice

Urea has become the most used N fertiliser in the world, accounting for 46% of total world nitrogen consumption. Its market share is increasing because it is the cheapest form of solid N fertiliser available and its high N content (46%N) offers transportation advantages over other sources. The efficiency of urea is decreased by losses of N through NH3 volatilisation after the urea is hydrolysed at the soil surface by reaction with the enzyme urease. Many compounds have been evaluated as …

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