CASALE signs 2 contracts for large NH3/Urea Complex in China

Casale is thrilled to announce an important partnership development with Henan XinLianXin Chemicals Group Co. Ltd. We have recently signed 2 contracts for the implementation of Ammonia and Urea technologies in the new Urea complex in Henan: with a remarkable capacity of 2700 MTD of Ammonia and 3500 MTD of Urea, the complex will be the first syngas-to-solid reference for Casale in China.

🤝 A Strong Partnership with a Promising Future:
This is the second consecutive 2700 MTD loop and one of the largest in the world, marking our sixth ammonia collaboration with XinLianXin. Our mutual trust and commitment to a long-lasting and successful collaboration is demonstrated by our enduring partnership.

🌱A Milestone in Urea Production:
This project is a real landmark. It is not only our latest endeavor, but also the first application of Casale’s New Low Energy Consumption Urea plant in China: this, together with the most efficient ammonia Synloop design on the market, will set a new benchmark and underlines our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

🌏 Four Decades Leading China’s Fertilizer Evolution:
With a solid footprint of over 110 projects in China, Casale has been pivotal in advancing the country’s fertilizer industry for 40 years. As the leading foreign licensor in the ammonia field, we’re honored to contribute to China’s remarkable journey. This milestone celebrates not just our achievements but the trustworthy partnerships and mutual growth we have fostered in China. Looking forward to a future of sustained success and collaboration!

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