Brown CIL Sulfur Coated Urea 32-0-0-0-0-24 CIL Process

Many people think that sulfur coated urea is a new concept and still in experimental stage. Actually it has been under development for over 15 years, tested in 29 different countries on everything from ornamental turf to pineapples,To those of us interested in turf, sulfur coated urea represents the combination of the most important major nutrient for turf: nitrogen and the most important secondary nutrient, sulfur in a single prill. These two (2) important and necessary nutrients together are in themselves advantageous, add the slow release benefits and we really have something to work with.It is important to note that urea is the best source of water soluble nitrogen for turf from an availability, economical and agronomical stand point.Today, more than 30 states have sulfur deficient soils as sulfur is no longer available in adequate amounts from rainfall or regular mixed grades of fertilizer, For this reason we must supplement fertilizer with sulfur which is both available and economical. Now we can create a fertilizer containing Nitrogen and Sulfur that will uniformly feed turf all of its nitrogen in one growing season, and at competitive cost. This is a very important break through in the turf fertilizer field.The fusion of the urea and sulfur is formed in five basic steps: First,Urea is heated to prepare its surface for sulfur coating. It then enters a rotating drum to be sprayed hydraulically first with sulfur and then with the wax sealant. The product is cooled, coated with diatomaceous earth conditioner to prevent caking, screened and transferred to storage for testing.You understand the need and importance of nitrogen for turf, but some may not be aware of what value sulfur is to turf.The more nitrogen that is fed to and used by turf, the greater its need for sulfur. Sulfur deficiencies in turf have the same visual signs as nitrogen deficiency; yellowing of leaves, faint scorching of leaf tip. When used in combination with proper ratios of nitrogen, phosphorous and potash, sulfur offers the following benefits:…


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