Dear valued business partners,

The UREA Global Summit is the place where Fertilizer professionals meet to exchange and discuss the newest developments in the Fertilizer industry, from project start to actual operation and maintenance.

The conference provides useful insights from various specialists such as licensors, equipment vendors and operators and further provides plenty of networking opportunities. The event will take place in the beautiful city center of Austria´s capital, Vienna from 11th to 13th of September at the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna.

After three years of restrictions and significant geopolitical uncertainties, BHDT has decided to focus on the following topic at the upcoming Fertilizer event.

Handling geopolitical changes in daily business

During the pandemic, travel restrictions and shutdowns suddenly required to change the established way of working in our industry. Personal contact was no longer possible, but improved digitization quickly allowed us to adapt our way of working and cooperating with our clients and suppliers. With the pandemic almost coming to an end in early 2022 the start of the Ukraine crises was the second big challenge for the worldwide economy, but especially for the European industry. Europe was heavily affected by the Ukraine crises as it has since experienced major changes and restrictions on energy supply to its industry.

All the above developments have additionally influenced and triggered events in subsequent supporting sectors such as raw material supply and logistics. We want to point out the challenges and give an insight on the developments and the methods established by BHDT and its partners to best manage this situation. The main target of course being a smooth project execution, highest quality, and timely supply for both new plants, but also revamp or spare parts projects.

We hope this is a topic of interest to you.

Your BHDT team.

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