BHDT Service Urea Conference 3 & 4 May 2012 in Kapfenberg, Austria

BHDT is pleased to invite you for their 2nd BHDT Service Urea Conference on 3rd and 4th of May 2012. For this event BHDT is kindly inviting all their key clients / business partners to attend this Conference. 
The Conference which cover several interesting topics such as:
– Innovations and new developments in HP piping components
– Materials of construction in urea plants: Complete Overview and Future Trends
– Welding techniques: Its Theory and Practice
– Features of BHDT HP Valves
– How to assure / increase the Safety and Reliability of HP valves and fittings;  Discussion of several Troubleshoot Cases
– Features of Safurex
– BHDT Installation Services 
– Tour to the Bohler Edelstahl Werke
– Workshop tour at BHDT with a focus on high pressure valve manufacturing and welding techniques
The Conference will be held at Kapfenberg / Austria were are located our main Workshops and Engineering facilities. 
This Symposium will be an excellent opportunity for project, process, operational, mechanical, maintenance, inspection and reliability engineers of any ammonia and urea plant to learn, discuss and see the latest innovations and experiences in High Pressure Piping systems. The shop tours with life demonstrations and plenty opportunities to discuss experiences with colleagues and experts will assure you a valuable seminar with a high added value.
Please find here the detailed Program and Registration Form
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