Benchmark Study Synthesis Pressure Safety Valves

Synthesis Pressure Safety Valves tend to pop up unexpectedly leading to safety risks and a forced shut down of the plant. has initiated a Benchmark Study about the experiences with these critical equipment items. Five urea plants covering all major process technologies have participated and answered a set of fifteen questions related to the design, operation and maintenance of these valves. Contact information of the participants plus an industry expert is included for further exchange of information. To summarise: A perfect opportunity to solve finally all your problems related to the Synthesis Pressure safety Valves. Benchmark Study Synthesis Pressure Safety Valves


In this Benchmark Study, we have collected the following information:


General information

Year of start of production
Urea process licensor
Urea plant design capacity [mtpd]
Urea plant actual capacity [mtpd]



  1. Do you face any problem with the existing HP safety valve(s) in the urea synthesis (e.g. premature popping, corrosion, leakages)?
    If yes, could you give a short description of the problem(s) and the actions taken/cause of problem?
  2. Is there any steam flush on the valve itself or downstream the valve ?
  3. Please include a picture of the safety valves in order to assess the installation situation
  4. Did you provide any additional valves/rupture discs under the seat of the HP relief valve(s)?
  5. What is the testing frequency of the relief valve (in the workshop) ?
  6. Which medium do you use for testing the set pressure of the relief valve ?
  7. Special testing procedure used
  8. How long is the current HP safety valve(s) in operation ?
  9. Please add a datasheet of the installed HP safety valve(s) showing materials used e.g. inlet nozzle, spring, bonnet, bellow disc and seat
  10. Any improvements done by yourself on the HP safety valve(s) ?
  11. What is/are the set pressures of the HP safety valve(s) and the normal operating pressure of the synthesis? You have different set pressures for the parallel safety valves ?
  12. Is there any corrosion localized at a certain part from certain material?
  13. Are your valves according API design ?
  14. Is there any other relevant information regarding this item which was not discussed in the previous items ?
  15. Are there problems with other safety valves in your urea plant ? Which problems are which safety valves ?

Other Information

First Name
Last Name
Tel Number
E-mail address


The following companies have participated in this Benchmark Study:

  1. PVFCC0 Vietnam, Saipem technology
  2. Anonymous, TEC ACES technology
  3. Vale Fertilizantes Brasil, Stamicarbon PoolCondenser technology
  4. Khorasan Iran, Stamicarbon technology
  5. Nitrogenmuvek Hungary, Stamicarbon technology


An Industry Expert has added comments and possible solutions for the identified problems.

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