BAKERRISK- Hydrogen and ammonia as energy carriers – what are the risks?

A Tale of Two Gases: Hydrogen and Ammonia as Energy Carriers
As technology, industry, and their place in the world’s economy continue to grow, so does our dependence on energy sources necessary to get jobs done. Unfortunately, fossil fuels, the primary energy source we consume, are a finite resource and damaging to the environment. As our needs grow, so does the scarcity of this fuel source and its harmful impact on the environment. Increasing awareness of how our current fuel usage affects the world around us improves the development and proper implementation of clean, renewable energy alternatives a higher priority than ever. And as concern over continued fossil fuel usage grows, more research into effectively utilizing abundant natural sources of energy like solar, water, and wind is taking place to set our energy usage on a more sustainable, low carbon path.

A more recent consideration in the conversation is hydrogen, a promising alternative energy source for the future. The following is an examination of the pros and cons of utilizing hydrogen effectively and safely.
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