BAKERRISK Committed to Helping Clients Safely Develop Production and Infrastructure for Hydrogen

The Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) recently reached out to BakerRisk for a set of Q&As around the state of the hydrogen industry, the evolution of risk and the corresponding advances in technology, BakerRisk’s involvement in hydrogen hubs, and the future of the hydrogen economy.

CCBJ interviewed process safety experts Murtaza Gandhi and Mikaela Dressendorfer and blast effects expert Peter Diakow, CFEI from BakerRisk’s Low Carbon Energy group.

CCBJ posed excellent questions such as:

❓ Can you give us some background on hydrogen safety, especially when using different carriers like ammonia and methanol?

❓ How have risks evolved, and how is technology being applied to improve safety?

❓ What are the biggest challenges communities face in adopting clean energy, and how can they be overcome?

See what our experts had to say in regards to these and other timely questions. Read the Q&A and let us know what you think of their responses! How would you respond to these questions?

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