BakerRisk: API RP 586 Inspections for HTHA and API 941 Remaining Life Prediction Methodologies

BakerRisk will present at the next AICHE Ammonia Plants & Related Facilities Symposium in Munich from 20-24 August 2023, the paper: “API RP 586 Inspections for HTHA and API 941 Remaining Life Prediction Methodologies”

Abstract: Unlike previous API documents, API’s new RP 586 Section 2 provides guidance for the use of optimized inspection techniques for high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA). Most of these are volumetric Ultrasonic Testing (UT) methods and were not previously included in API RP 941. Useful discussions of inspection limitations are included in this paper. With these new methods, Fitness-for-Service (FFS) assessments can now be conducted with much higher confidence. Several commercial models and an overarching FFS module that is being developed for Carbon Steel and Carbon ½ Moly are presented, as well as some of the new guidance in the forthcoming revision of API 941.

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