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Making the best Diaphragm Seal Systems

We are Badotherm, a leading manufacturer of high quality process instrumentation. Started of as a manufacturer of pressure and temperature gauges in 1957, we developed into a specialist in designing, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing of Diaphragm Seal Systems. We are a true manufacturer, supporting our customers throughout the process from product selection till optimizing product life time of our products

We offer our services and solutions worldwide via our regional Diaphragm Seal assembly locations in The Netherlands, Dubai (UAE), Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand and USA.


Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm Seals, also known as remote seals, are used to separate the pressure instrument from the hash process conditions, to protect the vulnerable measuring element. A Diaphragm Seal can be mounted to almost all pressure instruments, mostly in combination with pressure (differential) transmitters, pressure gauges or pressure switches.  The use of Diaphragm Seals is typically recommended, when the process:

  • Has a (extremely) high or low temperature
  • Is aggressive, corrosive, toxic and/or highly viscous
  • Has crystallization and/or polymerization

Or for one of many other reasons such as to replace ‘wet legs’ for liquid level measurements in pressure retaining tanks. Or for specific coatings such as gold to protect against hydrogen permeation or polymer coatings for non-stick purposes.


Diaphragm Seals Solutions

Badotherm has a strong focus on Diaphragm Seal Solutions. We develop, engineer and manufacture tailor-made solutions for the most challenging conditions in the field of Diaphragm Seal measurements. The patented HTDS solution for pressure measurement up to 600°C by means of Diaphragm Seals is a great example of this, just as the low gauge pressure (LGP) measurement of just 5 mbar-g. In addition, we also developed a web-based performance calculation tool ‘BaseCal’ for Diaphragm Seal applications, to help engineers understand the impact of Diaphragm Seals, calculated under actual process conditions.


Another Innovative Solution: Badotherm Diaphragm Seals with Zirconium for Urea Plants

Badotherm has successfully developed a safe and reliable membrane type of pressure and level measurement suitable for all urea process technologies. On stream times of already more than four years have been achieved without any issues. This means significant costs can be avoided and additional profits can be gained with the innovative Badotherm Diaphragm Seals mounted to Transmitters. Click here for the datasheet.


Badotherm Blog Page

On social media you may not see all of our posts and some posts will disappear after a while. That’s why we created this blog page, all of our valuable posts are available at any time. You can expect many interesting articles and information on pressure and temperature measurement. Besides that, we keep you informed on the development within the Badotherm company as well, from all of our worldwide locations.

We’ve created separate pages with categories, as well as clickable tags. All to make it easier to navigate and read more on particular subjects of your choice.

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