BADOTHERM – What a beast…FSO-EXT UREA in titanium!

We have recently manufactured a very nice diaphragm seal system, dedicated to affront one of the harshest process conditions in the UREA industry.

For one of our appreciated customers, we were requested to manufacture a diaphragm seal system with an Emerson 2051CD 3A differential pressure transmitter and 10 meter of capillary, filled with high temperature filling fluid BSO-42. The diaphragm seal construction was executed with a full welded construction and the diaphragm seal design based on Badotherm FSO-EXT-UREA type, with an extension length of 300mm. It was fully executed in wetted parts material Titanium Gr.2 and diaphragm Titanium Gr.1.

The FSO-EXT-UREA diaphragm seal is based the on original Casale design standard (standard Z00000L-G-MTP-11) and contains a 4″ NPSM lens seat with a cover flange in material ASTM A350 LF2. Instead of lifting handles, the cover flange is equipped with a lifting eye hole, to facilitate easy transportation towards the site, where a lifting lug can be inserted.

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