BADOTHERM realising 2 second pit stops from Formula 1

An acquaintance, years ago, led to the placement of a first order. The result of that assignment must have been good because more assignments followed. Slowly but surely, the relationship deepened. What once started as a “standard” customer-supplier relationship became more than that, much more.
The trust continued to grow and grow, with the result that we can now speak of a partnership. A partnership in which both parties take their responsibility and dare to express confidence in each other.

Badotherm is such a partner for Hexion Inc.. They support and advise us in keeping our sites in Pernis safe, efficient and up to date.

So when a diaphragm membrane combination had to be checked with extreme urgency recently, Badotherm was the partner we reached out to and they once again showed why they are more than worthy of our trust.

Within a period of about 24 hours, the instrument was delivered in Dordrecht, fully checked, parts replaced where necessary and fully tested including the necessary paperwork. You could draw a parallel with the 2 second pit stops from Formula 1, because this is also a top (sports) performance of the entire Badotherm team.

And of course we have to celebrate those kinds of moments together and we did that with two large boxes full of delicious pastries.

Badotherm, thanks again.

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