BADOTHERM: First supply of Safurex!

In October 2023, BADOTHERM shipped out the first SAFUREX Diaphragm seal system. The customer in Americas is replacing continuous failing transmitter remote seals with tantalum lining (non Badotherm) with 1 configuration executed with full wetted parts in Zirconium and 1 configuration with full wetted parts in Safurex material.
Customer will test both instruments in actual production and see if both materials will satisfy the harsh requirements and how long they will outlast the tantalum seals.

The Diaphragm Seal system consists of :
* FSO-EXT assembly in Safurex
* cover flange AISI 316(L)
* size 3″ 2500# RF
* extension 178x76mm (Hxd5)
* diaphragm 72mm Safurex
* direct mounted
in this occasion equipped with a Honeywell STG770 pressure transmitter.

The materials and construction and welding are strictly manufactured according Stamicarbon guidelines.

Special thanks to Stamicarbon, Alleima and Safurex for this great development.

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