BADOTHERM Diaphragm Seals for Yokogawa Sushi Sensor (LoRaWAN)

Just like pressure transmitters and pressure gauges, also wireless pressure sensors require protection from diaphragm seals due to the harsh process conditions. Here is a nice example of the Yokogawa’s LoRaWAN wireless XS530E Sushi sensor equipped with 2” class 400-600 RF BF diaphragm seals. This instrument has a span of 50 bar and suitable for extreme elevated temperatures with BSO-48 (up to 420°C).

According the end user (a large petrochemical company standardized on Badotherm diaphragm seals) this instrument replaces a traditional mechanical pressure gauge with diaphragm seals. The new solution is expected to send out the pressure on a given interval to the operations and rotating engineer. So the remote measurement is now digitalized which creates large efficiencies.

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