BADOTHERM Case Study: Improving Safety and Reliability of High-Pressure Measurements in Snamprogetti UREA plants

We are thrilled to announce the publication of our latest case study, showcasing a remarkable collaboration with Profertil in Argentina. At Badotherm, we pride ourselves on embracing exciting challenges and partnering with our customers to find innovative solutions.

Profertil’s maintenance team was grappling with frequent diaphragm seal replacements and the constant risk of losing control over their critical processes. Their concerns became our driving force as we embarked on a journey of understanding, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Through close involvement and relentless dedication, we developed a robust system that enables Profertil to operate their high-pressure urea synthesis section at optimum conditions, resulting in increased production output and reduced energy consumption.

Discover firsthand the power of partnership and innovation as we navigate the challenges together.

Download the case study here

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