BADOTHERM BDT33 Pressure Gauge & TWTG’s NEON Pressure Sensor: measures pressure continuously – best design for digital and analogue workflows

Accurate pressure readings are critical for any facility’s safe and efficient operation. As the energy-producing industry rapidly transforms into the digital age, engineers are beginning to achieve deeper clarity of facilities by adding increasingly more data measuring points. However, while data leads innovation, we understand that, in certain situations, traditional instrumentation can still play a vital role for engineers.

Addressing these demands, TWTG has developed a new pressure sensor that is accurate, versatile, and robust. The NEON Pressure Sensor is available in several pressure ranges and various other options, including one with a Badotherm gauge. The analogue meter addresses an engineer’s need for immediate visual feedback when performing manual inspections, delicate maintenance, or possibly emergency procedures. This design is best for digital and analogue workflows, with less failure points than competing installations….

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