BADOTHERM – Another Safurex® diaphragm seal instrument shipped out!

In November of last year we received the certification from STAMICARBON with regards to the welding of the Safurex® diaphragms.

Since there is a large install base of old designs, we often are requested to manufacture custom design seals, for the specific application. This case is a specific extended type diaphragm seal (FSO-EXT) with 3″ cl. 2500 RF pressure rating. We equipped this DP Level applications with the Rosemount Inc. 3051CD with full welded construction and 2 time 6 meters of capillary with white PVC sleeve over the double shielded armoring of the capillary tube.

The materials and construction and welding are strictly manufactured according Stamicarbon guidelines

Thanks again to ALLEIMA and STAMICARBON for their support of making this happen!

See datasheets: FSO-EXT

Full welded construction

Safurex® certificate

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