Asian Nitrogen & Syngas 2013: Pre-Conference Workshop Wednesday 30 October will organise the Pre-conference workshop– of the Asian Nitrogen & Syngas Conference on Wednesday 30 October with the title: Maintaining, operating and revamping ammonia / urea plants. This workshop offers you the opportunity to discuss operational and maintenance topics with experts in the industry and fellow urea producers. The workshop will have the format of round tables and will be moderated by


The aim of the workshop is to facilitate an open discussion between all participants in order to learn from each other’s experiences and to improve the performance, reliability and safety of ammonia/urea plants.
All participants are invited to share their experiences and introduce troubleshoot cases for further discussions. Key topics will highlight critical aspects of urea production technology and include:
•- Welding and repair procedures in ammonia and urea plants
•- Revamping urea plants and urea product quality improvement technologies
•- Corrosion phenomena in utility systems and atmospheric corrosion in ammonia and urea plants

More information: Website Asian Nitrogen & Syngas 2013

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