Another Successful Training Program for Yara in Brussels

“This is really one of the few training programs that brings loads of hands-on experience allowing new engineers to make a jump start and deepening the knowledge of the experienced engineers with a lot of background information why things are as they are”

“Practical training; excellent highly experienced presenters”
“Key points are explained in a way that even a layman / person with no background in the subject could grap the essence”
“Essential training fro people responsible for operations, maintenance and inspection of urea plants”
“Highly recommended training, a must in urea industry”
“A training really contributing to a higher safety and reliability level of urea plants”
“Everything was perfect, one of the best trainings I ever had”
were the statements expressed during the evaluation of the 5-Day Training Program Maintenance in Urea Plants at Yara from 24-28 March 2014 in Brussels. All participants received the Certificate of Completion including a lucky puppet from Mama Alice, who helped already more than 800 street children in Peru on their way to a better future. More information at

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