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Announcing a new fertilizer event promoting nutrient use efficiency and sustainability through AgriTech advancements

CRU is pleased to announce a new event devoted to exploring the latest developments in the AgriTech space driving nutrient use efficiency, and advancing sustainability and circular economy principles within the fertilizer industry. The CRU Fertilizer AgriTech Forum, 7-9 September, Dallas, TX, USA will bring together key players from the global fertilizer supply chain; AgriTech start-ups, and financial institutions to discuss new approaches to sustainable fertilizers.

In addition to the unique insights provided by the agenda, a key component of the event will be the facilitation of networking and partnership development, including an “Innovation Start-Up Showcase” to give AgriTech start-ups the opportunity to present their technology to fertilizer companies and investors. View the agenda outline

Key reasons to attend:

  • Hear from established fertilizer producers on their approach to investing in innovation, areas of focus, and how they approach partnership development
  • Understand the market dynamics that are driving investment in sustainable AgriTech from CRU’s Fertilizer Analysis Team. Read the CRU insight – why are the market fundamentals supporting investment in sustainable technologies?
  • Learn about the latest developments in the fertilizer AgriTech space that are driving nutrient use efficiency and sustainability
  • Gain access to key decision-makers and innovators from across the fertilizer value chain

With the fertilizer industry at a crucial juncture, navigating high prices alongside balancing its role in ensuring global food security while improving sustainability, this forum is ideally positioned to provide meaningful insights and a unique platform for collaboration. Register now at the special launch rate of $1,500 (saving $300 on the final rate).

The CRU Fertilizer AgriTech Forum will offer real insight, real networking, and cutting-edge solutions to achieve sustainable fertilizer production.

Join us in Dallas in September for this exciting new event.


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