and did contribute again to the AICHE Ammonia Safety Conference 2018 in Toronto

From 16-20 September 2018, AICHE organised its yearly Ammonia Safety Conference, this year in Toronto. and did contribute again to the conference with two presentations. The conference was well attended by some 325 participants from all over the world. On the first day just after the first break “The Lessons Learned from the First 100 Safety Hazards In Urea Plants” was presented based on a paper prepared by Prem Baboo of National Fertilizers Limited, Mark Brouwer and Jo Eijkenboom of B.V. and Majid Mohammadian of OCI N.V. During the Round Tables on Thursday Dan Cojocaru of presented to the audience FIORDA: The Fertilizer Industry Operational Risk Database. Click here for the complete report


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