27 Sept 2022: Ammonia leak shuts down DAP plant

Owner is currently investigating the cause of an ammonia leak that led to the evacuation of its plant early Tuesday morning (September 27, 2022).

The leak occurred just after midnight, according to company spokesman, who told that outside assistance has been enlisted as the company seeks answers.

“We are working with our internal safety team and external safety and environmental agencies to determine the exact cause of the release and to ensure we have proper mitigation plans to ensure it does not happen again,” the spokesman said in an email.

When the leak was detected, employees were evacuated, and all ammonia distribution was immediately shut down, he added.

Following the evacuation, two contracted employees were treated for minor injuries — one for bruises suffered during the evacuation and the other for breathing issues. Both, the spokesman said, have been cleared and released from medical care.

Work at the plant has been suspended until the cause can be determined and the proper precautions are put in place to prevent similar emergencies in the future.

“Once those are in place, we will resume normal operations,” the spokesman said.

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