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Ammonia Emissions Reduction Revamp Guide #2: Reducing Ammonia Emissions

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The costs for the ammonia feed is the most important factor determining the urea cost price. It is therefore very important to pay attention to ammonia emissions, not only from environmental point of view but even more because of reducing the urea cost price position. For every 1 kg NH3 per metric ton of urea above the stoichiometry ratio required for the overall urea formation reaction, one loses in a typical modern size urea plant of 3000 mtpd thus 3000 kg/day or about 1000 ton NH3 per year. Assuming an ammonia market price of 300 US$/mt, this means a financial loss of 300.000 US$/yr. Assuming a pay-back time of 3 years, this means one is allowed to invest 1 mln US$ for every 1 kg/mt NH3 consumption reduction.

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