Alleima solutions in a container

We have developed a mobile tubing container that goes where customers go, reducing waste, increasing safety and bringing both time and cost savings along for the ride.

Bigger is not always better which micro-factories are proving. These small production spaces help save energy, space, materials, time and costs as companies are increasingly discovering.

The Alleima Mobile Service Solutions miniature factories provide a variety of services for customers and are proving invaluable for serving local markets by being able to fabricate customized products on demand. This has been helped along by digitalization and automation which enable many of the tasks to be conducted remotely, and through a much smaller labor force than was previously possible. We have placed the micro-factory concept into a mobile container, enabling an agile service that is easily transported from one customer location to another.

Flexibility in a container
The mobile service solutions container supplies coiled tubing solutions to customers on-site, using a digitally connected system to straighten and cut tubing to match customer specifications. Virtually any length can be cut, significantly reducing waste compared with delivering a standard tube size, leading to substantial material, time and cost savings.

The fully mobile, digitally connected container solution can be deployed in all kinds of terrain and conditions and can be tailored to suit individual customer needs. It has the potential to be manned in person or steered remotely for everything from administrative details, such as certification and invoicing, to technological processes like the straightening and cutting of tubing.

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