ALLEIMA, Advancing Materials Technology- attending the CRU’s 37th Nitrogen + Syngas conference in Gothenburg on 4-6 March 2024

As the most respected technical event for the global nitrogen and syngas community, the conference and exhibition provides an ideal platform for technical professionals from across the nitrogen and syngas industries to connect, do business and learn about the latest developments. The event attracts a global audience of producers, licensors and materials and equipment providers with opportunities for business networking and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.
Alleima will be present at this event, to discuss material solutions for your projects. The corrosion of heat exchanger tubes and shells can lead to significant and costly downtime due to maintenance and the need for re-tubing, resulting in extensive lost production. Selecting more advanced but cost-effective materials can solve corrosion issues and alleviate such situations.

Alleima supplies a complete portfolio of products to the urea market, duplex grades and bi-metallic tubes are but two examples, the sales & technical teams at Alleima have many material solutions, but discussion is crucial to obtain the correct grade for your requirements.

Safurex®, also known as Alleima Safurex®, is a highly corrosion-resistant high-alloy duplex specially developed for the Stamicarbon urea process. Suitable for the severe conditions in strippers in urea production and used in more than 200 plants with zero ruptures, Safurex® is designed to enable an oxygen free process that increases output and safety.
Come and discuss with the team Bimetallic tubing, today it is widely used to support corrosion reduction in the urea industry, and its popularity in the nitric acid industry is increasing. An acceptable alternative to using tubing made entirely from expensive zirconium is bi -metallic tubing, developed by Alleima, where the inner tube is made of zirconium and the outer tube is made from Alleima® 2RE69, Alleima® 2RE10 (for Nitric acid).

Alleima® 2RE10 is our most common grade used in nitric acid plants. Other alloys such as duplex steels or austenitic stainless steels are recommended where the cooling water contains high concentrations of chlorides, such as in the cooler/condenser or absorption tower. UNS S32304 (SAF™ 2304) offers very good resistance to SCC and good resistance to general corrosion and pitting. It also offers very high mechanical strength – roughly double the yield strength of 304L. This enables lighter constructions, a more compact system design, and minor welding.
Our origins date back to 1862 and with our fully integrated value chain, from R&D to end-product, ensures industry-leading technology, quality, sustainability, and circularity, our team look forward to discussing your material requirements.

Meet us at booth No: 65

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