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Christof Group ACE

Solution provider since 2015


The company ACE is one of the leading suppliers for complex apparatus construction in Austria. The product range includes all different kinds of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors and special products such as FCC components for refineries. ACE is also a competent and confident partner when it comes to plant shut downs and revamps.
ACE Apparatebau Construction & Engineering GmbH
For the products, which cannot be transported on the road, ACE disposes of a location on the river Danube in Linz/Austria, where apparatuses with a weight of up to 800 tons can be transshipped on the barge and by these means, all current ports of the North Sea (Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam) as well as Constanta at the Black Sea can be reached.
Benefits for clients
The team develops special solutions recognized world-wide for apparatus construction and produces special equipment and complete plants for the petrochemistry, the plastics industry, the paper industry, the chemical industry, the food industry, refineries and ammonia plants. These solutions enjoy global recognition.
Due to the wide range of products and the flexibility of the staff, ACE is able to realize projects at short notice.
Core competences
• 3D-Engineering, mechanical design (AD2000 EN13445, ASME Code etc.), FEM (Ansys, Nozzle pro),
• Apparatus construction (Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, columns)
• Repair and maintenance work
• Mechanical machining
• On-Site installation and assembling of manufactured units
• International certifications (U, U2, PED, Gost, RTN, China Licence, EN1090)

Hans-Thalhammer-Str. 18
8501 Lieboch
T: +43 3136 63600-0
F: +43 3136 63600-4600

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