A New Vision for IFDC

Since the turn of the new year, I have been settling into my position as IFDC’s new President and CEO. Over the past fifty years, IFDC has worked to combine innovative research, market systems development, and strategic partnerships to spread sustainable agricultural solutions for improved soil health, food security, and livelihoods around the world, and I hope to sustain that same legacy for the next fifty years and beyond.

With a growing population comes growing food demand. We have watched this accelerate over the past decades, with climate change, biodiversity loss, and global conflicts exacerbating already struggling food production in many risk-prone areas. We must drive major changes in agricultural and food systems, specifically improvements in nutrient use efficiency and soil health, to create a more food-secure, environmentally sustainable world.

To help our organization address the challenges faced by global food systems, IFDC developed the 2020-2030 Strategy, which streamlines the four pillars of IFDC’s work — (1) Develop Better Technologies, (2) Catalyze Farm Productivity, (3) Strengthen Markets, and (4) Enable Impact. Under my leadership in the coming years, the four pillars of our strategy will strengthen the core of IFDC’s research and interventions.

IFDC, as a research and development organization, has the knowledge and expertise to create a more enabling environment, to help farmers with the challenges they face. Altogether, the four pillars of our work will help farmers improve their soil health, agricultural productivity, and household incomes, and thereby contribute to food security and economic development in their villages, their nations, and the world.

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