A NEW TECHNOLOGY ADDS TO CASALE’S PORTFOLIO: Urea and CAN Granulation Process completes the N-based fertilizers offering

Casale announces the successful acquisition of Green Granulation, a company leading the design and construction of urea and calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) granulation systems and owning a proprietary technology. The company is based in Hong Kong with a subsidiary office in Beijing.

The takeover is part of a broader strategy aimed at strengthening Casale’s leading position in the market that leverages the widest integrated portfolio of efficient technologies. This integration enables Casale to embrace once more a one-stop-shop approach at a larger scale offering the entire production cycle of N-based fertilizers to its customers, from the raw materials to the final products.

Casale will embed several strategic assets thanks to this acquisition such as:
• the granulation process dubbed COLD RECYCLE GRANULATION (CRG)
• a proprietary design of the granulator and scrubber
• a team of experts and qualified technicians
• large experience in several industrial references

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