850 Discussions in UreaKnowHow.com Round Tables

We have reached the impressive number of 850 discussions in the UreaKnowHow.com Round Tables.
With a total of 4750 posts this means an average figure 5.5 posts per discussion, thus a very active participation of all Members.

We thank all Members for realising this success and this also proves that it is possible to exchange experiences with each other to improve the safety and performance of the ammonia and urea industry while respecting intellectual property rights.
More than 50% of the discussions are related to Process and Operational topics, 20% Mechanical and Maintenance, 10% Instrumentation and Analytical and another 10% related to Product Quality. Finally 10% are related to Urea Incidents and other topics. We invite all Members to stay involved in and initiate new discussions so that we all learn from each other and further improve the safety and performance of our industry.

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