75th anniversary IFS conference, Cambridge, 7-9 December 2022: A unique and very interesting conference combining crop nutrition and fertiliser production topics

The International Fertilizer Society (IFS) will celebrate its 75th anniversary IFS conference in Cambridge on 7-9 December. This year’s conference will be the most ambitious that the Society has organised, as we are combining crop nutrition and fertiliser production topics for the first time. It will consist of 21 papers plus an indepth discussion panel session on the practical requirements of reducing the carbon footprint of feeding crops.

This also means the conference will e bringing together technically minded people from these two parts of the industry, which will mean a larger than usual number of delegates, and will enable the two groups to mix and network. As a result there will be a variety of topics – some more specialised and some that will be of interest to all. Throughout, there is a clear emphasis on ‘avoiding wastage’ e.g. better targeting of nutrients in the field, reduced emissions, more usage of recycled materials, better energy usage in the factory, better supply chain security. Further details can be seen on the conference webpage.

IFS is expecting 130-150 in person conference delegates, plus 30-60 virtual ones, via a live stream. Click here to visit the conference webpage


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