6 Apr 2024: Fire broke out at Fertilizer plant

Firefighters put out the fire at the xxx plant, said xxx. According to him, the fire broke out in the workshop, which is under repair.

“There was a fire in the workshop, which was under repair. All our fire departments, and xxx itself, and other divisions of the city participated in the liquidation. No emissions were recorded when this section of the workshop was diverted. All samples were promptly taken. The plant is working normally,” xxx said.

As reported in the xxx, a cooling tower of one of the water circulation cycles caught fire at the enterprise. This enterprise is also a manufacturer of aerosols, so specialists promptly took air samples at the border of the sanitary protection zone. There is no threat to life and health of the population.

“At 15:15 localization was announced on an area of ​​700 square meters. meters At 3:17 p.m., the open burning was extinguished,” the Emergencies Ministry of xxx noted.

At the request of the xxx, xxx said only that the company is working normally. Other details were not specified.

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