5-Day Urea Training Program: 5-9 June 2023 in Amsterdam – Register Now

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For the first time after COVID, we organise again our popular 5-Day Urea Training Program from 5-9 June 2023 in Amsterdam!


More than 1000 participants already highly rewarded this unique Training Program.


Take this opportunity to meet the most experienced trainers in our industry.


The 5-Day Training Program is designed for new as well as experienced managers, engineers and shift supervisors.


The 5-Day Training Program covers a wide range of topics:
  • Introduction Urea Process Technologies,
  • Corrosion theory & Overview of various corrosion phenomena in urea plants,
  • Fluid Bed Granulation,
  • Thermodynamics and Phase diagrams,
  • Operational aspects and Troubleshooting techniques,
  • Safety, Health & Environmental aspects,
  • Atmospheric corrosion;
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI),
  • Corrosion in steam and cooling water systems,
  • Historical Overview of Materials of Construction in urea plants,
  • High Pressure Synthesis equipment,
  • High Pressure Piping & Valves,
  • Corrosion Inspection Techniques and Inspection Program,
  • Urea fluid bed granulation technologies
  • CO2 Compressors design and operational issues,
  • Revamp and debottlenecking technologies,
  • Discussion of numerous Troubleshoot and Corrosion / Reliability Cases and Latest Innovations.
Register Now as the number of applicants is limited. And we have Group Discounts!

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