5-Day Training Program: Maintenance in Urea Plants

UreaKnowHow.com is pleased to announce its next open Training Program: Maintenance in Urea Plants from 2-6 September 2013 in Vienna, Austria. This training is meant for new and experienced Mechanical, Maintenance, Inspection, Corrosion, Reliability, SHE Engineers and Managers but it will be also valuable for process, operational and instrumentation engineers and managers. the training will be dedicated for all urea process technologies like Conventional Total Recycle, Stamicarbon, Saipem and TEC urea plants.


You will learn the background of the material selection criteria for urea equipment, learn all technical maintenance aspects of static urea equipment and high pressure piping. You will learn what are the integrity risks of static urea equipment and how to avoid these risks and how to limit its consequences. Furthermore you will learn in detail how to do repairs. Many practical cases will be discussed and separate sessions for discussion with industry experts are possible.
The Training Program is scheduled just after the AICHE Ammonia Safety Conference in Frankfurt, so it is very well possible to combine both events in one trip. With nearly 200 years urea experience coming together, you will be secured of a valuable experience. We look forward to meet you in Vienna. GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE.

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