23 Jan 2023: Sudden halt on production at fertiliser factory after “explosion”

The country’s largest granular urea producer suddenly stops production after a loud noise during the visit of an expert. Urea and ammonia production has stopped at the fertiliser factory in following a loud noise described by the authorities as an explosion. The incident at the country’s largest granular urea producer occurred during an expert’s visit on Sunday, said head of manual transfer switch department. The state-owned urea fertiliser plant formed a five-strong committee on Monday to investigate the incident. The NG booster compressor of the factory’s ammonia plant has been experiencing numerous issues lately, including excessive nitrogen wastage. The authorities informed the vendor, an international air and gas compressor manufacturing company, to purchase and replace the NG booster. Later, the company sent a three-member team to inspect the factory, during which the “explosion” occurred. Production had resumed at the fertiliser factory in December 2022 following a six-month halt due to a gas crisis.

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