21 June 2024: Nitric Acid Leak

A shelter in place order issued by xxx Police was lifted after a hazmat spill of nitric acid launched an orange gas into the air from an agricultural company located at the intersection of xxx.

The chemical leak incident happened at xxx, where an orange cloud could be seen emitting from a garage door on the side of the company’s warehouse.

Officials say 200 gallons of nitric acid leaked into a basin, reacting with a metal that caused the gas to form.

There were 80 people dispatched to help contain the leak. No firefighters were injured in the incident.

“There is a nitric acid tank that sprung a leak and the fluids of that are being contained in a concrete basin. When it gets to that basin it can have a reaction – and it is – and that what we are seeing in the sky,” xxx said.

Updates HAZMAT situation
xxx provides an update on Hazmat situation that caused a shelter in place order in from a chemical leak at an agricultural plant.

He added the wind helped to dilute the chemicals that were being released from the building.

“What we’re asking folks to do is if they are feeling any effects, to evacuate their homes and head on over to one of our local libraries where they can stay cool and hydrated,” xxx said.

Those in the area are encouraged to go to the xxx or go to the police department.

The situation is expected to last for several more hours as of 6:30 p.m.

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