2024 Vigano Compact urea plant for green hydrogen and CO2 valorization

Saipem, as owner and licensor of the Snamprogetti™ Urea Technology, has tailored its well proven process scheme developing a modular approach to small scale urea plant.
This approach, in combination with Saipem’s industrialized solution for the green hydrogen, perfectly fits the requirement to decarbonize new or existing assets for the production of sustainable fertilizers.
As part of the overall process scheme for green urea, CO2 can be obtained incorporating Saipem’s proprietary environmentally friendly technology for post combustion capture, named “CO2 solutions”.
Small scale green urea is particularly fit for DEF production, thus supporting the automotive sector
in the reduction of NOx emissions.
Thanks to its worldwide expertise in onshore and offshore plants, CO2 transportation and renewable plants, Saipem can deliver integrated green solutions to meet client needs in the most challenging environment.

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