2024 Scheerder Mechanical design of 2nd generation ULE reactor for large capacity urea plants

Stamicarbon successfully introduced the first generation Ultra Low Energy (ULE) Reactor concept with the commissioning of two ULE urea plants in 2021. Both plants have a name plate capacity of 2334 mtpd. Leveraging on the excellent corrosion resistant properties of Safurex®, the mechanical design of the ULE Reactor entails a double U-bundle connected to an internal full Safurex® tubesheet. To date seven ULE plants based on this concept have been licensed, four successful in operation, and three under construction.
This concept however is mainly suitable for plant capacities up to 2500 mtpd. For larger capacities above 2500 mtpd Stamicarbon developed a 2nd generation ULE Reactor and ULE Pool Condenser.
The first and second large capacity ULE plants having a name plate capacity of 3850 mtpd are already licensed in 2022 featuring the 2nd generation design ULE Pool Condenser, which to date are under fabrication. In the course of 2023 two more large capacity ULE urea plants based on this concept have been licensed.
In this paper the conceptual design of the 2 generation ULE Pool Condenser will be highlighted. Again the ULE Pool Condenser has two U-bundles and the material of construction is again Safurex®. One bundle carrying LP steam condensate and the second bundle MP carbamate.

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