2024 Prohaska Corrosion Ray – A smart portable sustainable and non-destructive corrosion test method

Various markets, including the urea market, require the application of so-called immersion tests as, for instance, Streicher and Huey acc. to ASTM A262 to determine intergranular corrosion properties of applied raw materials and / or to ensure equipment integrity, especially after welding or heat treatment.
However, the conduction of these immersion tests requires long test durations, therefore test results are typically available after several weeks only. The “Corrosion Ray”, a product newly developed by MPC², utilises various electrochemical measurement methods which allow to determine sensitivity to intergranular corrosion within several hours. Furthermore, the presented measurement device allows non-destructive testing directly on the equipment and is therefore a perfect pre- screening tool to assure highest quality of (particularly) weld seams and heat affected zones. The selected measurement principle has been successfully tested for various state-of-the-art austenitic and super duplex urea steels already and offers significant benefits both to licensors and manufacturers.
Additionally, further developments will allow to apply this technology during shutdowns, repair jobs and revamps with significant potential to reduce the total lead time of these activities. As a consequence, loss of production can be reduced. Good news for end-users.
Probably more important than ever, the application of the “Corrosion Ray” technology helps to protect the environment due to the fact that remarkable amounts of energy and chemicals are saved when compared to the usage of conventional immersion tests.
As a summary, this paper will explain the technological principles behind the “Corrosion Ray”, highlight the method’s benefits for all (urea market) stakeholders as well as present specific possible applications in the urea industry and the nitrogen & syngas community as a whole.

This paper was presented at the CRU Nitrogen & Syngas 2024 in Gothenburg

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