2024 Martin Biomass pathways to produce green ammonia and urea

Renewable ammonia can be the path to decarbonization of food, chemicals, and the transport system. While lately, electrochemical hydrogen and air separation are gaining support, biomass-based ammonia can provide an alternative to contribute to green ammonia deployment with possible synergic with the current ammonia facilities. Different processing paths have been considered, depending on the wet content of the biomass. Wet biomass yield to ammonia is low, but it is more interesting as a waste management procedure. Biomass gasification has attracted most of the attention and results in promising ammonia production prices using technologies already in the toolbox of the process industry. The combination of ammonia and urea production solves one of the most significant challenges in biomass-based ammonia, the released CO2. These integrated facilities allow for the full utilization of biomass in the green chemical industry.

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